Judge Tells DCI Officers And Matiang’i To Stop Wasting His Time


Judge In Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Vs Fred Matiang’i case has told Director Of Criminal Investigations Officer to stop wasting his time.

This is after the officer appeared in court without witness statement From the complainant who is Internal Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i inn the popular Choir Girl Saga.

The officer, Ole Sena, found it hard to explain why Fred Matiang’i has refused to give a witness statement. It is normally a criminal case procedure for a complainant to give their statement and being summoned to court for cross examination by the accused’s lawyer.

The furious Judge, told DCI officer Ole Sena that they were wasting courts time and the case may not proceed because of Fred Matiang’i non cooperation with court.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, who has been attending all court sessions loyally refused to comment on the issue saying it is a matter which is still in court and directed us to his Lawyer Anne Nderu.

Blogger Nyakundi is being accused of making an offensive post on Twitter against CS Matiang’i. The CS sent anti terror protection and Flying Squad officers who raided the Blogger relatives home, arresting them to trade them with the appearance of Blogger Nyakundi

Nyakundi’s car, gadgets and his relatives’ gadgets remain confiscated by Directorate of criminal investigations officers who insist they are investigating them over an ” online post”

Nyakundi was later arrested despite there being a court order barring his arrest. The Blogger, in a series of tweets, exposed that DCI officers forged documents they used to get a warrant of arrest. He demanded that Maraga takes action on the Corrupt Judge.

The case proceeds on March 7th.